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As a non-profit, federally-funded transportation organization, WRTA Bus Lines is not
authorized to charter its buses unless there are no private bus companies interested in the

As such, all charter requests are required to be advertised for a suitable period (two weeks,
unless circumstances require shorter notice), so that private companies have an opportunity
to make their interest known.  If no private company expresses an interest in the job by the
contact deadline, WRTA will then be free to make an offer to the client.

Below is a list of charter requests we have open at this time.  Note that client names and
contact information are omitted for the sake of privacy.  If you are a charter provider and
wish to bid on one of these jobs, please
contact us with the job details you wish to bid on,
and we will pass the information along to the client.  If you are a client and
wish to request charter services, please
contact us with the details on the job and your
contact information, and we
will post the information for private companies to bid on.  Thank you.
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